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Executives: It's Time to Take Action.

Evolve Your BIPOC Organization's Business Expertise.

Whether you need to align leadership, affect cultural change in your company or differentiate your brand, NAMC University has helped numerous BIPOC businesses in all sorts of construction industries enhance their customer experience.  What we offer is a customized solution to your organizational needs guided by our guiding principles and best practices.


Learn How NAMC's Approach Can Work for Your Organization.

NAMC's advocacy and support, education and training coupled with our robust contracting opportunities with insights that are universally applicable and specifically adaptable.  NAMC University is informed by over 50 years of continuous efforts to improve our BIPOC construction communities.


We work collaboratively with your entire organization through our Advisory Services, and professional development curricula.  We're uniquely qualified to assist organizations in a wide variety of construction industries because of the depth and breadth of operations of our national organization combined with over 20 years in the Oregon market.

“These trainings will help them apply some of the education and training in real time on real jobs they are doing currently. There are some good programs out there, but they aren’t always linked to what people are learning on real job sites.” 


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We Work Collaboratively with Many Different Construction Industries


More information coming soon!

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More information coming soon!

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Advisory Services

Through engaging online and in-person opportunities, NAMC will guide you and your organization in enhancing your organizations depth - with scalable and customizable solutions.


Online Professional Development Courses

NAMC University offers online live Zoom courses.

Learn about leadership, construction management, bonding or change orders.


Onsite Professional

Development Courses

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